Roscoe: An American Grand Opera

Music by Evan Mack

Libretto by Joshua McGuire

Based on the best-selling novel by Pulitzer Prize-winning author William Kennedy.

Workshop performance of Act 1 by Opera Saratoga June 8th, 2014. Click HERE for tickets

Excerpts sung by Kevin Kees and Danielle Messina

The story takes place in 1945, V-J-day.  Roscoe Conway, after twenty-six years as the second in command of Albany's notorious political machine, decides to quit politics forever. But there's no way out, and only his Machiavellian imagination can help him cope with the erupting disasters. Every step leads back to the past -- to the early loss of his true love, the takeover of city hall, the machine's fight with FDR and Al Smith to elect a governor, and the methodical assassination of gangster Jack (Legs) Diamond. "Thick with crime, passion, and backroom banter" (The New Yorker), Roscoe is an odyssey of great scope and linguistic verve, a deadly, comic masterpiece from one of America's most important writers.

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The Secret of Luca

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Pinocchio, A New Ballet

This work premiered in March 2011 by the Charleston Ballet. Choreography by Kim Pauley. Hailed as the "Springtime Nutracker," the one hour delights people of all ages!

Fish-Whale-MPEG-4 from sabe ellis on Vimeo.

Puppets-MPEG-4 from sabe ellis on Vimeo.

Dancers-MPEG-4 from sabe ellis on Vimeo.


Choral Works

Langston Hughes' Dream of Freedom The poetry of Langston Hughes inspires this choral suite, telling a story of many aspects of life, prayer, love, death, and perseverance. Through it all, these elements play into our constant struggle to be free, where freedom means more than just a word.

Of Fire and Form, commissioned by the WV chapter of the American Choral Directors Association, premiered in February 2011. The text is from Ovid's Metamorphoses, using the myth of the Phoenix to shed light on the nature of the world.

American Groove

A Two Piano work performed by the Westhuizen Duo. This Three Movement work depicts the vast array of the American Musical Landscape including jazz, rock, funk, and extended piano techniques like strumming and plucking the inside of the piano